European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 94, September 2023

Issue n° 94, September 2023

Paper n° 1

Farzaad Soleymaani, Mohammad Ali Sandidzadeh - Proposing a Train Speed Profile Generation Method in Railway Signalling Systems Based on Internet of Things (IoT): Performance and Stability Assurance

Paper n° 2

Harsha M.M.2, Raviraj H. Mulangi, Panditharadhya B.J. - Application of Public Transit AVL Data for Evaluation of Delay Variability

Paper n° 3

Sathya Prakash, Krishnamurthy Karuppanagounder - Road Safety Criteria for Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing Facility and Application of ITS Technologies

Paper n° 4

Ashwani Bokadia, Mokaddes Ali Ahmed - Evaluation of On-Street Night Parking Demand: A Case Study of Roorkee City

Paper n° 5

Sumayya Naznin P H, Sivanagu Gidugu, Anila Cyril, A U Ravi Shankar - Human Capital Approach for road accident costing in an Indian City

Paper n° 6

Giovanni Andriulo, Francesco Freddi, Pietro Mattina - Applicative experience of Italian Guidelines for safety and monitoring of existing bridges

Paper n° 7

Marta Biancolin, Luigi Capoani, Lucia Rotaris  - Reverse logistics and circular economy: A literature review