European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 92, March 2023

Issue n° 92, March 2023

Paper n° 1

Gourab Sil, Apratim Datta, Aurojeet Jena, Bandhan Bandhu Majumdar - An investigation on Travel mode preferences of university students travelling to home during vacation: An Indian experience

Paper n° 2

Gianfranco Rufa, Nicole Miriam Scala, Paolo Cestra - “Help Car Roof Project”. A light to save lives

Paper n° 3

Gopika Vinayakumar, Anu P. Alex, Manju V.S.  - A Comparison of KNN Algorithm and MNL Model for Mode Choice Modelling

Paper n° 4

Debabrota Das, Anuj Kishor Budhkar - Travel time, delay and reliability of ferry transportation across a waterway

Paper n° 5

P. Praveen Kumar, Varghese George, Raviraj H. Mulangi - Assessment of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Bus Transport Organizations Using DEA Incorporating Emissions and Accidents

Paper n° 6

Aditya Saxena, Ankit Kumar Yadav - Evaluating the appropriate fuel-based bus technology in Indian context by integrating Fuzzy AHP-Fuzzy TOPSIS

Paper n° 7

Ilaria Delponte, Valentina Costa - A short-sea-shipping system for Liguria coast: first analysis at local, regional and cross-border scale

Paper n° 8

Akple Maxwell Selase, Atombo Charles, Turkson Richard Fiifi, Abrahams Osbourne Nii Kpakpo - Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transportation Mode Choice and Travel Decisions by Ghanaians

Paper n° 9

G. Sethulakshmi, Mithun Mohan - Identification of key determinants of personal safety perception at bus stops using proportional odds logistic regression