European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 76, May 2020

Issue n° 76, May 2020 – Special Issue 1 “TIS Roma 2019”



Matteo Ignaccolo, Michela Tiboni Transport infrastructure and systems in a changing world: towards sustainable mobility planning

Paper n° 1

Stefanos Tsigdinos, Yannis Paraskevopoulos, Maria Latinopoulou, Maria Andrakakou - What about a different road network hierarchy? New perspectives towards sustainable mobility: the case of Thessaloniki, Greece

Paper n° 2

Silvia Rossetti, Michela Tiboni, David Vetturi, Michele Zazzi, Barbara Caselli - Measuring Pedestrian Accessibility to Public Transport in Urban Areas: a GIS-based Discretisation Approach

Paper n° 3

Miguel Hervás-Peralta, Tomislav Rožić, Sara Poveda-Reyes, Francisco Enrique Santarremigia, Juan-Pascual Pastor-Ferrando, Gemma Dolores Molero - Modelling the performance of port terminals using microsimulation

Paper n° 4

Michela Bonera, Giulio Maternini, Graham Parkhurst, Daniela Paddeu, William Clayton, David Vetturi - Travel experience on board urban buses: a comparison between Bristol and Brescia

Paper n° 5

Laura Eboli, Carmen Forciniti, Gabriella Mazzulla - Capturing the differences in perceiving service quality of metro passengers of Madrid

Paper n° 6

Matteo Ignaccolo, Giuseppe Inturri, Nadia Giuffrida, Michela Le Pira, Vincenza Torrisi, Giovanni Calabrò - A step towards walkable environments: spatial analysis of pedestrian compatibility in an urban context

Paper n° 7

Elisabetta Venezia, Fabio Pizzutilo - Evaluation Tools for Transport Infrastructures: Social Return On Investments

Paper n° 8

Gianfranco Fancello, Patrizia Serra, Alessandra Schintu, Andrea Zoratti - Performance evaluation of a tracking system for intermodal traffic: an experimentation in the Tyrrhenian area

Paper n° 9

Enrico Pagliari, Lucio Quaglia - Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and Urban Sustainable Islands (USIs)