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International Journal of Transport Economics, Engineering and Law

Rivista internazionale di Economia, Ingegneria e Diritto dei Trasporti

ISSN 1825-3997

Starting from September 2018, the journal European Transport, published by Giordano Editore, will have a renewed editorial and scientific committee and will be published quarterly, becoming part of ISTIEE (Istituto per lo studio dei trasporti nell’integrazione economica europea, Institute for the Study of Transport within the European Economic Integration) and AIIT (Italian Association for Traffic and Transport Engineering – Cultural association), born in 1957, whose members are academic professors, technicians of public companies and professionals in Transport Engineering -

The collaboration with AIIT expands the team of experts in scientific, technical, economic, legal and social issues from the academic and professional international world (Editorial Advisory Board), thus widening the Journal content coverage to different subjects concerning land use, environment, infrastructures, and mobility in general. Young researchers and professionals will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge on integrated applied methodologies, orienting more and more the Journal toward new professional figures that are required both for research and for professional activities to operate in an increasingly globalized economy.

The objective is to satisfy the demand of knowledge and diffusion of new research studies, policies, processes and actions in order to stimulate the interdisciplinary debate, regarding all transport modes (road, rail, maritime and air transport) and their interaction.

The collaboration between ISTIEE and AIIT was prompted by the need to start studing forms of cultural integration, including the new processes and methodologies that are characterizing the individual sectors in a global economy, which focuses on the accessibility of the territories and the network connectivity, giving back to the economic geography a new identity through the deepening of themes that increasingly influence even geopolitical aspects.

Traffic engineering during the years has made great strides by studying the techniques and uses of roads construction and management, the behavior of users, and now it must aim to make available infrastructure systems more and more flexible considering the needs of the populations.

The call for papers is open to original articles and critical review, subject to double blind review, from the world of science, academics and culture, from experts and technicians, from contributors who operate within institutions and research centers, and in general from anyone who has knowledge and experience in the various disciplines that deal with the following areas: transport planning and geography of networks, transport infrastructures, transport economics, operation and safety of transport systems, transport law.

The purpose of this initiative is to publish original articles that demonstrate a significant knowledge advancement on these subjects.

A renewed editorial layout will soon allow the search of articles by author, keywords, and year of publication, and will also allow the download of the pdf file of each article.

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The Editors-in-chief
Giacomo Borruso
Matteo Ignaccolo